Please support the campaign to elect Deborah Delgado Senator for Mississippi State Senate District 34.

Her voting record and stance on tough issues reflect a commitment to the best interest of her constituents. She currently sits on the Hattiesburg City Council.

Delgado will face the challenges to assure the will of the people even when it may not be popular to do so.

- Campaign to elect Deborah Delgado Senator for District 34


State Infrastructure – Build. Repair. Maintain

She believes that Mississippians deserve strong transportation, water, electric and broadband infrastructure to support our economic development.

Education - Fully Fund the Mississippi Adequate Education Program

The legislature has only fully funded the MS Adequate Education Program (MAEP) twice since it was passed in 1997! The failure has resulted in losses in the millions of dollars by school districts. Our public school teachers are grossly under paid. Deborah will be our champion for public schools by fighting to fully fund MAEP and to equitably increase teacher pay.

State Employees and all other MS Workers Deserve making a Living Wage

13 years have passed since most State workers have had a pay raise; the result is high turnover; low morale. She supports pay increases for state workers!


Economic Growth and Development

In Jasper and parts of Jones and Forrest Counties located in District 34, we are in need of economic activity that will yield higher household incomes. Instead of economic assurance we bargain away future sources of income needed to drive the operation of local and county government. Municipalities need additional sources of sales tax revenue to fund operations. She will work to support existing businesses and the creation of new businesses.

Medicaid Expansion

With an expansion in Medicaid, 130,000 Mississippians would have healthcare coverage and Mississippi would see over $1.4 billion in increased tax revenues as a result. Expansion would bring $8.7 billion in federal funds to the state and that would result in $14 billion in economic activity. Expansion would generate 20,000 new jobs. She wholeheartedly supports Medicaid expansion.


Criminal Justice Reform

She applauds the recent attention to reform. We must, however, put an immediate stop to the crippling impact of our current justice system focused on the"penal" nature rather than rehabilitation. We have not been able to curb crime with pure policing and incarceration. The sociological roots of criminal behavior must be addressed. She will work diligently for meaningful criminal justice reform in MS.

Because we have connected on many political issues, We are asking you to partner with us as we make this step toward greater opportunities for advocacy and representation for our community.